Is shipping & handling free? 
Most prices do not include shipping charges, as products are shipped F.O.B. factory. We will gladly quote it in advance. Please give us a call or email for a firm quote, including shipping.

What happens after I submit an order?
After your online order is submitted you will receive a product mockup (pdf file) via email, along with a copy of your invoice. The product mockup will be part of a proof sheet that can be faxed or emailed with your signed approval. Payment information if you have not established credit with our firm) is requested on the proof form. 

What is your return policy? 
The products we sell are almost always custom-imprinted, and as such cannot be returned. However, if there's a misprint or the product is defective, we will work with you and the factory to do our best to address any such defect. Please contact us within 3 business days of receipt or your merchandise.

What is a setup charge? 
This is a fee that applies to some orders with an imprint. This charge is for the labor and processes needed to setup the equipment or machinery that imprints your logo on the product. Most custom imprinted items have either a screen charge or a setup charge.

What is a screen charge? 
Many products require that a silk screen or plate be made in order to apply your custom imprint. If your artwork is more than one color, a screen must be made for each color. Certain products do not require a screen charge when the imprint is comprised of only simple, straight-line text. Screen charges are a one-time charge per product, per imprint. New imprints will require new screens and charges. Most custom imprinted items have either a screen charge or a setup charge.

Can I fax you a copy of my logo? 
Yes, but faxes do not produce a clean enough image to reproduce on your imprint. Vector or high-resolutions artwork is best, but if you don't have it, we can work with the factory to try and create camera ready art for you. . A fee may be required by the factory for redrawing or resizing your art. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Can I get a sample of a product before I order? 
Absolutely! A sample of most items is available. 

Do you keep my imprint on file? 
Your digital artwork and order details will be kept on file. Most printing plates and screens are only kept on file for one year, depending upon the factory. New imprints or new items generally require a new plate or screen, and incur the appropriate screen charge. 

How long will it take to get my order? 
Once your order is placed, it generally takes 1-3 weeks before you will receive your items.


What if I need an item faster than the regular production time?  Rush charges vary per product and will be applied to your order and your order can be  shipped via  Next Day Delivery. Please be aware that some items cannot be rushed due to production schedules and the imprintprocess

What are your payment terms?  Prepayment  is  required unless you have established credit with us.  We offer terms for appropriate clients. 

Will I see a sample of my imprint/logo, before it goes to press?  Yes, we always send a  proof for approval prior to the product production. Spec samples (actual imprinted samples) are often available for an additional charge

I can't find a specific item, can you help?  We offer a wide variety of products in addition to those  listed on our web site. If you need additional help locating a specific product, please contact us!